we work to win.

POOLHOUSE has succeeded at the highest level of politics, corporate and public affairs – including Presidential Campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, and leading national associations.

With a proven track record of building award winning ad campaigns and communicating visual messaging we know the best results are based in top-notch creative. We make sure every razor-sharp ad we cut best tells our client’s unique story.

Presidential Quality

In something as high-stakes as a Presidential Campaign, you need to be effective at framing the conversation with voters every day. By putting great pieces online, we used the web as the focus group, and the ads that did well online were reimagined for television. Award winning TV ads that were called everything from “Devastating” and “The Best Political TV Ad in 30 Years”.

21st Century Trade Association

We couldn’t be prouder about the work we do for the National Association of Manufacturers. A 21st century trade association that was looking to be on the leading edge of public relations and creativity.

Where Innovation Takes Flight

A global technology company headquartered in Rolla, MO. Brewer creates cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics for everything from smartphones to televisions. When they expanded and wanted to tell the Brewer Story all over the world, they came to us.

Hit'em Hard, Hit'em Early

Congressman Bill Shuster had a primary threat in Pennsylvania. We crafted a series of web and TV ads that defined his opponent early, established his re-election campaign’s message, and highlighted local issues and supporters.

The Grandaddy of Them All

From the political arena, to the Football arena. We captured the superfan spirit and limelight of the College Football Playoffs.