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How we made AGC’s 2020 Annual Report a tribute to their members

As 2020 came to an end, AGC had a surprising story to tell. Throughout the year they had noticed an overwhelming spike in member engagement. Across the board, this had led to a year of unprecedented accomplishment on educational, safety, and legislative fronts. Whatsmore, their financials reflected they were finishing the year in the black. This story inspired us to reimagine the standard Annual Report. In its place, we launched The Power of Engagement, a place for the industry to celebrate shared victories. Our agile design process allowed us to refine the website’s messaging, then translate the content into a downloadable report and suite of social media graphics for the campaign roll-out.


Our Role
  • Content Strategy
  • Anthem Video
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Kit

Once we had the content dialed in, it was time for the design team to load the site with features that would actually make our visitors stop and read.

From background videos and parallax image scrolling to spinning banners and ticking numbers, each section of the site came to life as a visitor scrolled, increasing site retention and engagement.

Launch the site

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