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We hired summer interns! We’re excited to see what the next generation of talent has to bring to the table. Meet our newest team members, finishing up their first weeks in Richmond and Atlanta:

Cailen Chinn, Brand Intern

Cailen goes to Emory University, studying film & media management and French.

She loves talking to people and figuring out how to bring their ideas to life, which is what she is looking forward to doing with the POOLHOUSE team. When she’s not in the office, Cailen is usually honing her social media strategy skills with her Instagram account dedicated to coffee (@cailendrinkscoffee).


Grayson Pearce, Political Intern

Grayson is studying economics and politics at Washington and Lee University, set to graduate in December.

His goals are to gain experience working in politics and government after graduating, then heading to law school. At POOLHOUSE, he’s ready to experience politics from a new perspective and help more Republicans get elected in Virginia.


Maddie Mitchell, Design Intern

Maddie is studying graphic design at Samford University and will graduate this December.

She plans to use her design work as a way to communicate stories to other people, create a sense of peace, or offer new and different perspectives to her audience. She’s looking forward to learning even more design skills, learning more about the creative industry, and working with the awesome people that make up POOLHOUSE this summer.


Austin Glaze, Post Production Intern 

A recent Georgia College & State University grad, Austin is starting his professional career in media production and visual arts.

He hopes to work within brand advertising, clothing design, and the music industry over the course of his career. Austin is excited to work with all the great people at POOLHOUSE to create great content, enhance his editing skills, and gain more production experience in a creative, professional environment.