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You may have read about how we built a brand department at Poolhouse, where you how we took a B2B/B2G software company through a comprehensive rebrand that catapulted them to their next chapter of growth. But we didn’t build the team just for brand-savvy companies like Paystar. We know from experience that branded campaigns lead to big results in the highly competitive advocacy space as well. 

The Poolhouse brand team is built to expertly align with your organization and identify creative opportunities that build coalitions, frame communications, and attract the attention you need to advance the ball. Our in-house team of designers, videographers, and developers brings our campaigns to life, and we promote them through targeted marketing efforts to maximize reach. 

Check out some examples of how we’ve helped advocacy organizations:

  1. Lead Conversations
  2. Advance Organizational Culture
  3. Disrupt Social Trends
  4. Educate Decision Makers


1. Lead Conversations

“I Love Frank”

2.5 Million views and national earned media coverage. 

The National Association of Manufacturers launched the “This is Our Shot” campaign in early 2021, proactively arming their members with resources to get vaccinated. They needed a way to promote the campaign that felt authentic and relatable. A call to action that would resonate with their membership and hopefully the industry and public at large. We delivered “I Love Frank,” a series of ads that went viral, reaching 8.1 million people through social channels and garnering attention from national media outlets like FOX News. To date, the video has been viewed 2.5 million times on social media, and has driven over 17,000 visitors to NAM’s COVID resource center. See the full case study.


Natural Gas and Oil Powers A Lot More than People Think 

API strives to meet America’s demand for cleaner energy and lower emissions. We work with them to help translate that message to the public every day. But people don’t realize that oil and gas is a lot more than filling up their tank. To help communicate relevance in an unexpected way, we created “Life – Brought to you by Natural Gas and Oil” to air on Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip. The spot exceeded expectations, leading to a national cable and digital campaign.


2. Advance Organizational Culture

Culture of CARE

A branded campaign that led over 450 member companies to “Take the Pledge.”

Modern workforces are safe, inclusive, and free of harassment. To help align members behind these cultural pillars, we worked with the Associated General Contractors of America to launch Instead of preaching, the site empowers industry leaders and employees with educational resources, encouraging them to tell their stories and share in a commitment to positively impact the future. So far, over 450 firms have signed the Culture of CARE pledge. And because the site has grown into a communications tool that members trust, AGC has a platform to lead on broader cultural issues that affect their entire workforce – from racial discrimination to mass shootings, to vaccines.

3. Disrupt Social Trends

2ndVote Funds

A one of a kind ETF for Conservative Investors. 

We don’t always build a coalition for brands, sometimes we build brands for a coalition. We helped 2ndVote Funds connect with a specific community of investors, launching a suite of financial products with brand loyalty built-in.  

4. Influence Decision Makers

Stop Air Tax Now

“They need it printed”

Issues don’t make it to a decision maker’s desk if they don’t fit a briefing book. Those are just the facts. We branded and launched the Stop Air Tax Now Campaign for Airlines of America around a key taxation issue. And to make information accessible to airline passengers, we launched a website where they can find the impact to their specific ticket taxes on an interactive map. A4A kept the map constantly refreshed with new data, so we built a custom app to generate not just state-specific landing pages, but also downloadable infographics, designed by the website in real-time, based on up-to-the-minute information. This functionality caught the attention of federal lawmakers and their staff’s and made advocating for their members highly effective for A4A.   


Beer Serves America

Advocacy Is Local

The beer industry impacts the American economy and countless local jobs. Right, we get it. But sweeping statements like that are too general to relate to, much less rally grassroots activism. That’s why digital resources like – that we built for the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers of America – are so effective. They help supporters and legislators alike understand the impact in local terms. From the type of jobs and the type of people that hold them, to the real-time dollar figures down to the district level.