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Designing POOLHOUSE 3.0

Today is a big day at POOLHOUSE. The culmination of months of planning and hard work. Designing for yourself can be a lot like giving yourself a haircut (and we’ve all seen how tough that can be this year), but I wanted to share a few insights from the path that got us here.

Pulling off a company brand update – in 2020 of all years – was an all-hands-on-deck exercise.

We took our company through the same branding process that all our clients experience: setting goals, designing great assets, and weaving it all together to tell a story that resonates. Each one of our projects starts the same way, by understanding where the company has been and defining where it is going.

Where it started.
When it launched in 2013, POOLHOUSE was a scrappy upstart. Just two political ad makers hell-bent on crafting innovative, creative-driven content for political candidates and causes. From the start, POOLHOUSE was different, with its funny name, Richmond address, and hand-crafted approach. The brand design reflected that. But as the company quickly grew in scope and scale, a fresh design system was deployed – signaling to Poolhouse’s expanding roster of advocacy and corporate clients a sense of quality, readiness, and refinement.

With success in both the political and corporate sectors, POOLHOUSE expanded its brand department in 2019. Now boasting unified in-house capabilities in strategic communication, creative direction, advertising, and brand design, POOLHOUSE was set to blaze a new course for the future.

Where it is going
We’ve proven ourselves capable of tackling huge challenges for candidates, causes, and companies. The kinds with big budgets, big visions, and even bigger expectations. POOLHOUSE has matured into a sophisticated agency with multifaceted capabilities and big ideas that matter. This brand update, one we’ve codenamed 3.0, announces that loud and clear.

3.0 has been a passion project for the POOLHOUSE team. Many of the details coming together after hours, over late nights and long weekends, when our client obligations were done. Our new company brand book, complete with a new logo mark, draws inspiration from the past and sets up a scalable visual language for the future.

We’ve elevated every touchpoint, from our social media and print collateral to our photo library and reel.

Today we also launch a new website that we insisted should tell our story not only through visuals but also through detail refinement and immersive experience. A platform that finally showcases the comprehensive work we do, and the special team that does it.

3.0 marks a new chapter in the POOLHOUSE story. We’re grateful to our team for the hard work and our awesome family of client partners who have been willing to bet on us (and win!) along the way.

If you’re interested in connecting with us to learn more about the branding process, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to share your vision.

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A Letter from the Founders

We had a hypothesis, concocted in an actual poolhouse years ago, that we could build a different kind of agency obsessed with creative, fresh thinking, and where big ideas matter. Well, it worked.

Our vision to become the most loved, most trusted, and most innovative agency in our industry hasn’t changed.

When we built our original site, we were so new we had to use Tim’s mom as one of the superlative quotes (“Best Ad I’ve ever seen!”). Today after partnering with over 150 clients and producing bold campaigns with some damn good creative, we’re just gonna let the work speak for itself.

2020 has reminded us that thinking you know the future is a fool’s game, but betting on building a company culture that’s forward-looking, sticks to battle-tested tactics that win, and hires a team of fun, caring, and creative people…that’s the best way to be prepared for whatever comes. We’re ready.

We hope you’ll take some time to get lost in our new site. Everything from the work you see – to the platform it’s presented on – will be what everybody else’s will look like in a few years.

Indulge us in some faint praise online, a retweet, or even some constructive criticism

And then read way more about our branding process and purpose-driven design behind the site, by our very own Brian Athey.

We’ve really valued having you along for the ride all these years and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thank you,

Tim & Will