Bess Preddy December 19, 2018
POOLHOUSE Employees Recognized for Independent Work

At POOLHOUSE, we pride ourselves on bringing together the best possible team of strategists, political operatives, communicators, writers, producers, and filmmakers. We’re proud of the content that we create for our clients everyday, but we also maintain that our jobs aren’t our life. Rather, it’s a function to pursue our passions inside and outside of the office.

Most recently, two POOLHOUSE team members took their passions to the big screen, being recognized home and across the globe for their talents. We’re damn proud of what they’ve accomplished, and you check it all out below:


Written, Directed and Edited by Taylor MacDonald

Accepted to: Macon Film Festival, LA Cine Fest, Magma International Short Film Festival

Description: “A teen attempts to escape his dead-end life as his best friend tries to stop him at any cost.”

A note from Taylor: Ridgeland was a film that I developed for over a year. It was a passion project that I produced while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design with some of my closest friends. We shot over the course of two extended weekends. The first weekend was shot in the Ridgland, SC area and the second weekend 8 of us caravanned from Savannah, GA to Jackson, MI in the dead winter. I wanted to capture a visual contrast between these landscapes to give weight to the narrative. This is a project I’m very proud of and I’ve had the honor of showcasing in various film festivals across the world. It is my hope that the film lingers in the minds of each viewer after it’s viewing.

employee independent work

You can check out RIDGELAND here:



Rock and a Hard Place

Written, Directed and Edited by Samantha Geis

Award: Jury Award for the 2018 Student DGA Film Awards.

Description: “A Bahamian track star’s incredible journey to becoming a champion leads him to a challenge that helps him understand he has a much greater purpose.”

A note from Sami: My family and I have been traveling to Abacos, Bahamas for the past 10 years. Over the years we have developed very strong relationships with the community of young Haitian Bahamian boys, one of them being the film’s star, Rocky. Rocky quickly became a part of our family. He is easily the most loving, selfless person my family has ever met. Which is why when given the opportunity to shoot a documentary at SCAD, I knew I had to share Rocky’s story with the world. We had all known that Rocky had a tough upbringing however, we did not know all of the details. Going into this travel documentary blind and with only 3 full days to capture magic was probably the most challenging experience I’ve had as a director. After the first day of shooting I knew I had to give Rocky some time to open up and to let his story guide my decisions as a filmmaker. The shoot was an absolute success and as we wrapped on our final day my crew and I knew we had something very special and powerful to share. Rock and a Hard Place is a film that is very close to my heart The film has given myself a chance to share the story of an amazing person who deserves to have his story heard and to hopefully inspire change.

outside filming

outside filming

You can check out a Rock and Hard Place here: