Kayla Alderson August 16, 2018
How We Helped Manufacturers Recruit the Next Gen. of Creators

What happens when Fortune 500 companies need to attract smart, talented millennials to fill the jobs of tomorrow?  How does a roaring industry change perception and attract the best and the brightest?

Over the next decade nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled.

Working in tandem with the National Association of Manufacturers, we set off to create a campaign that would not only inspire the next generation of workers, but would provide a blueprint for the parents of future creators for what a career in modern manufacturing looks like.

The campaign drove more than 2 million impressions across the creative channels.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a princess, the president. These are a few of the typical responses. But what if you could create a better tomorrow? What if, you could create something that would better the lives of not just a few people but a few million people? That was the mission for the National Manufacturers Association, to call all millennial creators to a field that can so commonly be portrayed as something it isn’t.

clients - next generationWe traveled and connected with the many faces of manufacturing to learn about their story and why they are in the industry they are. From Anheuser Busch to GE, we met Caroline, Dominique, Mariana, and so many more, who took the time to share why being a creator is so meaningful to them.

next generation creators next generation creators

The campaign lived across digital and social platforms, in an effort to hit our target millennial audience. And boy, did we meet our target on their playing field. The campaign outperformed industry averages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Is your brand or company living in the very real dilemma of not being able to find the millennial talent you need? Are you able to tell YOUR story and resonate with the young, fresh minds across the world? We’d love to help you speak to the next workforce generation. Connect with us and let’s get started.

Learn more about the great things that The National Association of Manufacturers are doing to spotlight the face of modern manufacturing.  www.creatorswanted.org