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We built a platform to help AGC’s network of local chapters engage with job seekers and connect them to essential, fulfilling work.

We partnered with AGC as part of their “Build” initiative in 2021 to launch a workforce recruitment website. The challenge was to make the website accessible to and customizable by AGC’s local chapters in all 50 states. That meant creating a platform that was highly versatile, while putting a premium on easy adoption.

Our creative team conceptualized the site’s content architecture, designed and engineered the WP Multi-site Install, and trained AGC’s chapters on how to customize and launch. Read more about how we did it below.

Our Role
  • WP Multisite Install
  • Web Design
  • Content Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Video Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Webinar Training

The team at AGC are always awesome collaborators. Their brief was more of a challenge than a request: Is it possible to make a website that each of our chapters could download, customize, and use to recruit local construction workers in their home states?

Sure, it’s possible, but there were a lot of things to consider.



First we had to determine how the site was going to be used, and what level of users would be administrating them. We developed a content architecture to complement AGC’s Build initiative, and started designing a CMS with essentially a drag and drop interface. Next, we knew the site had to be simple to use. But building it was going to be complicated. We leveraged WordPress’ Multi-site framework, which made it easy for AGC to clone themes, simplify user designations, and share content libraries. Finally, we focused on rollout. To make sure the site would be widely adopted, we drafted a version controlled User Manual, produced a Quick Start video, and hosted a webinar training session open to all of AGC’s nationwide chapters.

We designed a site made of a variety of “content blocks.” The idea was that every chapter might have different priorities and content to showcase, so we stocked the CMS with lots of versatile options. When a chapter opens their invitation to WordPress, the site is fully featured right out of the box. But the fun comes when chapters start selecting new blocks, rearranging their layouts, and adding new pages to their navigation that are completely unique.

We wanted to make signing up for the platform a no-brainer. So the key to getting chapters to adopt the site was making it super simple to get started. To remove the intimidation factor, we hosted a webinar where all the chapters got to participate in a walk-through and training. Additionally, we produced a video quick start guide and a full user manual complete with a content block “cheat sheet.” We had dozens of requests to sign up right out of the gate, and chapters are busy customizing their sites to launch in 2022.

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